Security Month: December 2018

December 28, 2018 blog
Another year has passed and proved the importance of cyber security, that the threat of cyber crime is real and a massive concern for organizations large and small.  Throughout the year we faced lot of vulnerabilities, witnessed about massive data breaches and thought about improving our security posture.
Each year  leaves us  with  several cyber cases that we remember for a long time, of course 2018 was not an exception and there were lessons learnt for upcoming years, for example Cambridge Analytica,  when personal data have being used without users’ inadvertent consent  for a political campaign and Facebook’s terms of service allowed apps to access even friends’ Facebook data.
shutterstock_739548382-900x506Data breaches has also been the hot topic of this year, everyone remembers the Credit Card Data leak, when credit card information of several million customers of companies like Delta, Sears, Best Buy, Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor have been leaked.
Vulnerabilities and Security updates/patches have also been around throughout the whole year, big names like Windows, Cisco, Intel, Apache has been releasing patches in order to overcome vulnerabilities and have been advising users to update their systems to keep them secure.
Last but not the least –  Ransomware. This year we witnessed cases of “smart” variants of the attack vector,  the malware that infects systems with either a cryptocurrency miner or ransomware, depending upon their configurations to decide which of the two schemes could be more profitable.
With all this on mind,  we advise you to keep an eye on your systems, ensure their security and finally we wish you a Secure Next Year.